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Iskelmä lappeenranta saipa thai massage helsinki finland

iskelmä lappeenranta saipa thai massage helsinki finland

journalists visited 30 Thai massage businesses in Helsinki over the past. Sex services were never offered right away. Selling of sex services on private premises becomes illegal only when pimping is involved that is, if a third party gets direct monetary benefits from the sale of sex services. The service offered varied from intimate massage, usually with the possibility for oral sex or intercourse, or both. Thai massage parlours have been allowed to operate in Helsinki with little police interference. In Helsinki alone there are dozens, and more have been opening up all over Finland. Police in Finland know that sex services are generally available at businesses that advertise Thai massage. They waited for an offer of sex services, and when offers were made, the reporters declined. . In such a case, the pimp and the customer can be prosecuted. The massage cost EUR 20-25 and the quality of the massage varied considerably. Only in one place were the the additional services not offered at the initiative of the personnel, but even there, they said when asked that sex services were available. None of them asked about what services might be available they simply asked the price of a massage and went inside to have one. The masseuses would suggest the extras for an additional fee at a later stage of the massage. Police have no evidence of this in connection with the Thai massage business, and getting evidence is difficult. iskelmä lappeenranta saipa thai massage helsinki finland


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